We know food service equipment and manufacturing  •  We know ingredients and their sources  • We know packaging and transportation



Food (service) production planning and design for kosher certification

Ingredient sourcing and selection for kosher certification

Food service practice, food vendor product review and kosher certification

Existing product, 3rd party vendor, and private label kosher certification

Institutional food service kosher policy-planning and supervision

Delivery, storage, and transport planning and certification

Some of the products we certify… Coffee, Tea, Ice Cream, Salsa, Sauces, Bourbon, Beer, Vodka, Dairies, Rice, Calcium Chloride (Briner’s Solution), PVC packaging, Polyisobutylene (Food Service Film)
Polyalpha-olefin, Alkylated Napthalene (Food Service Equipment Lubrication), Base Oils (Fruit Tree Spray)